Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Pretties 4U & Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Hello Sweet Bloggie Peeps!! Just a reminder that the giveaway for my Vintage Pink Santa Embellished Bottle ends tonight so if you have not yet entered I hope you will! See the PREVIOUS POST HERE for details!
I just realized that I haven't posted for 2 weeks and not because I have been lazing around enjoying the refreshing cool autumn weather we've been having . . . although I have enjoyed it :-)
Some of you know that my sweet furbaby Maxxie was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer about 4 months ago. He has an ultrasound every month to check its progress and the 3 evil golfball size tumors have fortunately been growing slowly. Last week we found a strange looking pencil eraser size bleeding growth on his hind end and after our vet checked it out she said it must be removed immediately. He had surgery last friday and the mass was like an iceberg being much larger under the skin than she thought. Dr. Mary said she almost lost him twice on the operating table but he came thru like a trooper especially since he is 12 years old. SOoooooo we got the pathology results back today and it's the best news! It is benign!! She tells me now that she was 90% certain it was malignant .. . oh how relieved that she didn't share that with me as it would have made the wait even more unbearable! When we brought him home from the original checkup what does the little stinker do? Takes off after a squirrel, slips on a wet leaf and tears his knee ligament! He did the same thing last year and had surgery to repair it but not this time. Dr Mary said it will scar over within 12 weeks and he'll have 80% movement of his leg. In the meantime I must carry him up and down the stairs and am getting quite a workout HA! He is resting comfortably in his bed and says Hello :-)

I have a number of new pillows for EBAY and lots of new embellished bottles for Victoria Rose Cottage ~ you can clic the pics on my right sidebar to take you there!
And I must share this nice surprise I had when visiting Shirl's blog Shirls Rose Cottage (click HERE to see) last Saturday! She featured me and my cross stitch designs that I published under the name Graph-it Arts! She is quite an expert stitcher and you will marvel at all her perfect X's. Be sure to visit her blog it's always full of fun reading and lots of pretty pictures!!
One of these days I'll create the Profile page and fill you in on my story!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vintage Santa Bottle & Notecards

Well my bloggerette friends is it time for another giveaway? Yes it is!
I've had such fun blogging since March 2010 and love entering giveaways and offering giveaways too! So here we go with #6 . . . another embellished bottle for you and set of matching notecards.
The featured design is a most darling vintage pink Santa or Father Christmas! A friend owns the original vintage postcard and shared the image with me last September 2009 and it's my very favorite! He carries a minty green picket fence planter with decorated tree and in his basket of toys is a doll, horse, and clown. To create the label I've altered the image to include some sheet music in the background and a wreath of pink roses that is the perfect compliment to a shabby cottage Christmas bottle!

The bottle is 5-1/4" high and embellished with vintage lace and ribbon, rhinestones, parchment roses, frosty heart and a whitewashed cork topper. The winner will also recieve 4 matching notecards and envelopes.

I hope you can see in the pics that both the bottle label and notecards have snowy glitter :-)
The winner of this giveaway will be drawn on September 30th and you have 4 chances to win. Good luck to all!
  1. Become one of my sweet Followers for one entry . . . if you already are then you are automatically entered!!
  2. Leave a comment on THIS POST for another entry - must be on this post or I'm not able to keep track of it.
  3. If you post a link to this Giveaway on your own blog you will receive yet another entry! Just come back and leave another comment on this post that you did it!!
  4. And for a 4th entry just add my bloggie link on your sidebar ~ you can "grab my button" at my top left sidebar. And yes ~ sigh ~ you must leave yet another comment here so I can add you again :-)
Now how easy is that!

And if you enjoy this image you can clic the pic above to go to ebay and find my first pillow featuring it for the 2010 Holiday season. And I have some larger ones in the works that will be offered over at Victoria Rose Cottage soon too.
I hope you enjoy this latest giveaway and I thank you so much for visiting!!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

~Time for Tea with Shelley~

Greetings to anyone visiting my blog this fine day! I am linking up with
* MARTHA and TERRI for Teacup Tuesday
* Wanda Lee and Pam for Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday
* Sandi for TeaTime Tuesday
Please click on their names to see their TeaTime Pretties and all the other participating tea lovers!
Last week I shared with you my story of a dear friend who sent me a surprise package filled with an awesome collection of Shelley Chintz teacups and the sweetest child's pink depression teaset!! Click HERE to read all about it and see photos of Maytime and Country Side :-)

I am featuring 3 more today - 2 more next week and the child set too! This first one is so beautiful in blue and the pattern is called Blue Daisy of course! The base has a blue on blue ferny design and is covered in springtime daisies.

For sure you've heard the phrase that goes "Please don't pick the daisies" . . . . but I must show you part of my backyard garden this spring because I DID NOT pick the daisies last year and they reseeded a thousand fold! EEEK!! Be sure to deadhead :-)

This next teacup is demitasse size and is called Summer Glory! And that she IS with a soft yellow base and big heads of fluffy hydrangea in shades of lilac, blue, pink and white.

Isn't that sweet how they did the pattern name on the bottom :-)

This next selection is a gardeners dream and is called Rock Garden! See the garden walls of rock planted with pink roses, yellow and purple crocus, bluebells, anemone, violets, and buttercups. All the teacups have the most exquisite golden base and delicate handles adding even more the the beauty of each piece.

I am still in Teacup Heaven and all goosebumpley from receiving such a glorious gift!
And if you have not visited my bloggie before I must again show off this fabuloso giveaway I won over at sweet Denise's blog ALL OVER ROSES!

Is this not the most adorable Tea for One you've ever seen!! Click HERE to view the post about it and be sure to stop over and say Hi! Don't you think the roses look like a vintage Catherine Klein painting!
I have some new pillow creations over on ebay if you'd like to see just Clic the Pics on my sidebar!

This lucky and truly blessed lady thanks you for visiting today and please drop by again real soon ok!
Hugs and Smiles,

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Dear Friends Gift

Greetings to all the Teacup lovers visiting for another Teacup Tuesday!
Thanks go to sweet MARTHA and sweet TERRI for hosting this weekly Tea party! Click on either of their names to be wisked off to see more pretty teacups 'n' things :-)
A couple weeks ago I received a note from a very dear lady whom I met as an ebay buyer many years past and who has long ago become a treasured friend. She has always blessed me with her generous kindness & grace, advice, and precious time and has helped me get thru some trying times.
Her note said that I had a special package on the way with some teacups she knew I'd like. Well . . . let me tell you what was in that package! Eight Shelley Chintz teacups and saucers in different patterns and a darling pink depression child's tea set! Be still my heart! I carefully reached into the now Lifetime supply of packing peanuts :-) and brought out each of the bubblewrapped pieces as I carefully matched up the dainty cups and saucers, gasping at their beauty! True teacup lovers Heaven! I would love to mention her name but she would not want that ~ that's just the way she is! Giving from her heart which is as big as all Texas!

I share 2 of them with you this week and will save the others for another Teacup Tuesday! This one is called MAYTIME and has the cutest pink apple or cherry blossoms. and budlettes. There are slightly scalloped edgings on the cup and saucer both and golden trimmings for an elegant chic touch!

Makers marks on bottom of cup and saucer.

The next set is in the same design shape and the pattern name is CountrySide. See the little wildflowers and berries . . . bluebells, marguerite, buttercups, sweet wild clover, raspberries, violets and violas!


In my previous TCT post I showed you one of my handmade TeaTime Teddy Bear Pincushions and it is currently listed on ebay! Please take a peek by just clicking HERE to see her!
A Big bouquet of thank you's to everyone visiting for Teacup Tuesday today . . . plus an extra long stem rose for my sweet anonymous friend :-)

Hugs and Smiles,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The Fall Autumn season doesn't officially launch til September 22nd but it has already started to cool down a bit here in the midwest and what a relief it is! 2010 was a record setting summer for hot & humid temps all across the USA and I for one am SOooooo ready for the crisp cool days of fall ~ I'm definitely NOT a summer lovin' gal! I love the colors of the season, the smell of fresh garden Mums, burning leaves and my yummy Pumpkin Spice scented Yankee Candle :-) Not to mention it gets me in the mood to get out some of my favorite vintage images and make Thanksgiving and Halloween pillows to decorate my home . . . and some for you too!!

The above photo montage shows some of my favs I listed on ebay last year and if you click HERE it will take you to the first of this years offerings. I hope you like the look!
Thank you so much for your visit today!!

Hugs and Smiles,