Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Heartfelt Thank You's & Another GiveAway too!

Thank you so much to those that have sent me such heartfelt emails and comments on my previous post. It has meant so much to me and you are just the kindest ladies!!!
Today is the 30 something-th anniversary of my 21st birthday ;-) and as a gift to myself is a giveaway for you! And it's another of my embellished bottles!
If you love pink roses, hearts, vintage lace, ribbons and rhinestones you just may want to enter this one :-) The label was created from an antique valentine and sure does look like the antique rose painted artwork of Catherine Klein. The heart shape glass bottle with a pink washed cork and faux crystal ball stopper measures just over 5-3/4" tall and looks great empty as shown but you fill with candies, pearls, little buttons, bath salts, or whatever your sweet heart desires!

Wouldn't it look pretty in your bathroom, on a vanity or even on a shelf mixed with your shabby cottage collectibles. The rules are always easy and you can have up to 4 chances to win! The winner will be drawn from the list of comments on this GIVEAWAY post only so if you leave 4 comments you have 4 times the chance of winning!! At the end of the giveaway, the comments are numbered in order 1-?? and hopefully the winning number drawn on JANUARY 30th will coordinate with one of your comments!

*1st entry ~ leave a general comment about the bottle or anything you please.
*2nd entry ~ become of of my blog followers or let me know that you are already an "oldie but goodie"! Remember to leave another comment to recieve another entry.
*3rd entry ~ post a link to this giveaway on your own blog sidebar and leave a comment again here to receive another entry.
*4th entry ~ post my Teacupstitches blog button (see my top left sidebar for the link) on your own bloggie sidebar and be sure to leave another comment on this post. If you are a sweetie and it's already there just leave a comment to say so :-)

That's all there is to it! Thank you so much for stopping by today and I will see you again very soon!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm still here & Giveaway Winner ~FINALLY!

Oh goodness where does the time go! It looks like I've been M.I.A . . . again! I'm sure you all know how it is when things and sad events just build and you just shut yourself down to deal with it all?
Back in 1979, my Father passed away not long after I met Dave, my future husband, and he nor his family never had the chance to meet him! We married that same year and I "inherited" the best father in law in the world who for the last 31 years has been like a father to me. I've never known anyone who had such a best friend father/son relationship as Dave and his Dad! He recently had a heart attack . . . the paramedics brought him back but he was in a coma and could not breath on his own. He especially loved when the whole family could be together so it was just like him to hold on until we could all be gathered at his hospital bedside. He was being kept alive by machines for 3 days which was totally against his wishes. So when his 6 children, their spouses and his grandchildren were all there and said their final goodbyes, he went to heaven peacefully . . . He finally got to meet my Dad and I think they will be good friends.

Dave and his Father

I believe that I shared with you earlier that my sweet cocker spaniel Maxxie was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer. We have been going thru the Please God just let him live thru Thanksgiving . . . Christmas . .. his birthday?? He turned 13 last week! He still has a good appetite and occasionally gets his hippity hoppity happy moments which is a good thing but he's slowing down quickly and sleeps most of the time now. We will know when the "decision" time comes but for now we are blessed with every day he's with us.

I won't depress you with any more of my trials and tribulations and want to end this post on a positive note!! Yes, I did have a giveaway ~ and it ended on . . . uHum . . . Christmas Eve :-) Ok, I know I know!!! The winning number is #28 who is Victoria from Slightly Shabby . . . It is nice to meet you Victoria and if you will send me your shipping info I will send your embellished bottle on its way!

Thank you to everyone who entered and left comments!! I have another giveaway coming very soon so please stop by again and enter.

Til we meet again in blogland . . .