Monday, May 31, 2010

TeaCup Tuesday #7 ~ Pink Roses

Greetings to all the Teacup lovers visiting for another Teacup Tuesday!
Give a big round of applause for MARTHA and TERRI for hosting this weekly Tea party! Click on either of their names to be wisked off to see more pretty teacups :-)

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This week I chose a super sweet teacup and saucer to share with you! The transfer design~front and back~ has pink cabbage roses and little blue forget me nots - a classic combination!
I especially love the dainty curved handle and narrow base of the teacup. A perfect fit for my 3 teensie Steiff teddies to play Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod :-)
I found the well loved silverplate teaset at a favorite resale shop and my freshcut garden peonies, lambs ear and roses are very happy to be displayed in the teapot and creamer!
I'll showcase this 5.00 treasure set with some favorite finds I found last week in another post!

The teacup bouquet looks like it was applied upside down don't you think :-)

A sweet matching saucer

Makers Mark
Bone China
Taylor & Kent
Longton England
#6732 handwritten in gold
a happy dancing horse logo :-)

I hope you enjoyed my selection this week and please stop by for a visit again soon!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day ~ a 3rd graders essay

Such a touching tribute written by a 3rd Grade student, Academy Elementary School, Madison, CT

As the flowers rest on the decorated graves and the sunlight shines on the beautiful sailboats, Uncle Sam whispers in my ear about how we should care for the soldiers and remember the ones that have died.
Swimming pools open, BBQs fry. Today is the day to think of what they have done for us. There are blurs of red, white and blue marching down the street and flags are lowered at half-mast.
But we should always remember and never forget what set us free, from this very day on.
author ~ Ali M.

Remembering always ~ but on this day especially ~ those brave men and women in the Military, Police and Firefighters too, who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending America and her People. And keep in our prayers the family and loved ones who miss them every day.
Enjoy a thoughtful and safe Memorial Day


Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's a Cottage Charm GiveAway Winner

The winner of my Cottage Charm GiveAway for the sweet Frances Brundage girl embellished bottle has been chosen!!

Each follower name was given a number as were all the comments and those posting a link were added again ~ all scrunched up and tossed like a salad in a bowl :-)
There must be an easier way and I will DEFINITELY find that out before the next one ends!

And the winner is Anne from the blog name AnniesPhamily and I will contact you soon for your mailing info!!
Congratulations on winning my first giveaway and I hope you enjoy the bottle!

Please take a peek HERE to see the info about my other GIVEAWAY that ends 6-14. That winner will receive the sweet set seen below!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who entered and left such kind comments! I have met so many wonderful new friends and could not be more grateful!!
Til next time . . .
Your friend,


Friday, May 28, 2010

Spend it Wisely . . .

A dear "old" friend sent me this today and I wanted to share with my new friends! I hope you enjoy :-)

Imagine that you had won the following prize in a contest:
Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400.00 in your private account for your personal use.
However, this prize had rules, just as any game has certain rules!
The first set of rules would be:
Everything that you didn’t spend during each day would be taken away from you. You may not simply transfer money into some other account. You may only spend it. Each morning upon awakening, the bank opens your account with another $86,400.00 for that day.
The second set of rules:
The bank can end the game without warning; at any time it can say, it’s over and the game is over!
It can close the account and you will not receive a new one.
What would you personally do?
You would buy anything and everything you wanted, right? Not only for yourself, but for all people you love, right? Even for people you don’t know, because you couldn’t possibly spend it all on yourself, right? You would try to spend every cent, and use it all, right?
Each of us is in possession of such a magical bank.
The Magical Bank is TIME!
Each morning we awaken to receive 86,400 seconds as a
Gift of LIFE,
and Yesterday is forever gone.
Each morning the account is refilled, but the bank can dissolve your account
any time ~ WITHOUT warning!
What will YOU do with your 86,400 seconds? Aren't they worth much, much more than the same amount in dollars? Think about that, and always enjoy every second of your life, because time races by quicker than we think. So take care of yourself and here's wishing you a wonderfully beautiful day!

~ ~ ~ Spend It Wisely ~ ~ ~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Greetings & an Old Friends Gift

Happy New week everyone! I hope yours is filled with fun and nothing but WONDERFUL THINGS!

One of my dearest cross stitch customers used to call me every Sunday and we chatted about this and that . . . Life in general, family things, and of course cross stitch :-)
She was telling me about a "special quilt" she was working on. She was the kind that always had 10 different projects going at one time! But unlike me . . . she always FINISHED hers!
Her passion was little bitty details and fine handwork! I sent her a bunch of charms, doodads and bits of this and that, that I thought she would enjoy using.
One day a package arrived and inside was this mini quilt!

I could not believe the beauty before my eyes! This photo does it quite an injustice!
The border is a rich brown velvet and 4 cross stitch hearts are framed in a strip pieced "crazy quilt" patchwork of vintage and new mini prints. It is just covered in the most exquisite handwork! Of course there were many of the charms that I had sent her.

A pink mother of pearl bird, golden hearts and a itty bitty ring of keys

Ribbonwork, more charms - see the little cupid!

She knows that I am totally freaked out by spi_ders (dont even like typing the word!) so said she couldn't resist adding a "CUTE" one. She used the word cute not ME!! They are actually a very popular motif in Victorian Crazy Quilts.

Sweet cross stitch hearts with rows of tiny seed beads

Embellished pearl buttons! Each of the 1-2" wide fabric strips were hand-pieced.

Key and lock charms and the locket is only 1/4" and opens too!

Each seam has sweet embroidered details - and not one is the same!

A teeny bee flying over to the ribbon flower . . .
No matter how many times I look at it I'm always seeing something I hadn't noticed before!
Her name was Marilyn - we lost touch about a year after she sent the quilt - her husband had just passed from diabetes complications and she was moving in with one of her children.
Her phone was disconnected and she was not a fan of the internet. No time for that she said :-)
I pray she is out there just enjoying her new Lifes journey and doing well with many projects in the works! I miss our chats and hope that our paths will cross again someday soon.
Blessings to you all today!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Goodness it's Teacup Tuesday!

Greetings to all the Teacup lovers visiting for another Teacup Tuesday! Give a big round of applause for MARTHA and TERRI for hosting this grand weekly Tea party! Click on either of their names to be wisked off to see more :-)

Today I'm sharing a dainty, totally feminine cup and saucer with a sweet simple charm.
And borrowing some of Martha's creativity, pairing it with a fabulous vintage rhinestone pin! This one belonged to my Grandma Blanche and is huge and pink!

The pattern here has delicate pink roses in swirly wreaths of greenery and its hard to see but there is a raised design in the porcelain.
The simple mark is a bit faded and off center ~ MADE IN GERMANY. Isn't this a sweet handle!

Thank you for your visit today and before you run off please check out my 2nd free GIVEAWAY that started Sunday! I would love to meet you!!!
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

My 100th Follower Giveaway! WooHoo & Thank You!

Sunday Greetings to anyone reading my post tonight! When I started my blog 2 months ago I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have 100 followers EVER . . . let alone in 2 months!! I am happy, thrilled, excited and certainly blessed to have met a bunch of new friends in blogland and refound many old friendships from ebay!
In gratitude I have another GIVEAWAY for you . . . and YES, there is still the first one that hasn't ended yet HA! Click HERE to see it.
If you know me from EBAY or Victoria Rose Cottage you know how much I LOVE creating everything from pillows, Christmas stockings and sachets to bottles and pincushions with vintage images.
And you also know how much I adore this Victorian lady painted by Frances Brundage more than 100 years ago probably most of all :-)
This giveaway is a 2-piece set including a hanging pillow-ette and strawberry sachet - both with yummy french lavender inside and the winner will be drawn on June 14th ~ my husbands birthday and Flag Day too!

The pretty lady was reproduced from an original print onto white cotton, sprinkled with icy clear glitter and framed with a darling fabric that looks like net lace over pink and embellished with satin roses, vintage millinery flowers, pink ribbons and a rhinestone heart charm. Note the sparklie lucite danglie at the bottom too! From the pink ribbon hanging loop you can display her from a doorknob, chairback, on a pegged shelf or anywhere you can think of OR simply drape the ribbon to the backside and mix in with your collectibles on a shelf or in a cabinet.

Next is a companion lavender filled strawberry sachet in my medium size - about 5" not including the ribbon loop "stem". Fashioned from the same pink lace fabric and fancied up with vintage lace, assorted roses, rhinestone heart charm, vintage ribbons, mother of pearl buttons and a bitty silvertone skeleton key charm.

The rules are simple!
* To be entered once just add your name to my FOLLOWER list on the sidebar. If you are already there then you will be entered automatically :-))

* To be entered twice leave a comment on THIS POST. (must be on this post or I won't find it!)

* To be entered 3 times mention this Giveaway with a link to me on your blog OR post my Giveaway link shown on my sidebar on your blog sidebar and remember to leave another comment (on this post) letting me know.

Now that is pretty easy isnt it! If I could think of yet another way to enter I will add it to the next giveaway!!

Thank you from the bottom and top of my heart all for your lovely words and Welcome to Blogland wishes! Enjoy a glorious new week!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Hello Pink Lovers!
Welcome to Pink Saturday and a basket full of Thank you's go to Beverly of
for hosting it each week!! Clap Clap Cheer Cheer Yaaaaayyyyy!!
I went "shopping" around the house choosing some pretty pink things that I thought you may enjoy . . . hope you do :-)

I chose a vintage pink telephone - yes it works and has that great old timey REAL ring and the clickity click of the rotary dial. Note the original phone number - STanley8-7434 . . . I will never forget the number we had when I was a child - 867-5309 - on no wait - that's in one of the most popular 1980's songs Jenny by Tommy TuTone that still finds its way into my head after all these years HA! Anyway, our number was MOntrose8-8315 :-)

Also is a vintage Cashmere Bouquet Talcum Powder tin - still smells good too! A sweet card of tiny vintage pink childs buttons with the cutest graphic. I collect unused button cards and that's a good idea for another post I think!
Next is a cluster of vintage Made in Japan millinery roses in the perfect pink! I found dozens and dozens of these sweeties and they are perfect for my embellished bottles and sachets but I love to scatter them around here and there . . . and everywhere.
Here is a vintage purse that was a sweet find last summer at my favorite antique mall! I never leave there empty handed :-) It has a wicker base and is covered in yummy pink velvet roses and lots of other millinery flowers.
This photo shows 2 vintage pink Fenton pieces - an interesting soap dish with "picket fence" edging and I love the way it is almost clear towards the top. Inside are 4 really cute pink and rhinestone buttons.
A couple weeks ago I found 2 of the swirly vases with ruffly tops and they were a fabulous find at one of my favorite resale shops for 5.00 each.
I hope you enjoyed your stay and have fun visiting all the other Pink Saturday-ers :-)

If this is your first time at my blog please check THIS POST for details on my first GIVEAWAY that ends on May 29th! Its really really easy to enter :-)
Bye Bye for now but please come back again soon!

~ Lynn ~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some of my Favorite Ladies

I would like to introduce you to a few of my favorite ladies . . . Vintage Lady images that is :-)
Over the many years I've been collecting vintage ephemera ~ from postcards to prints and everything in between ~ some of my favorite images have been of Victorian ladies and children. By reproducing them onto either fabric or paper, I've been able to share them with you in the form of pillows, sachets, pincushions and even embellished bottles. I hope you enjoy my little trip down memory lane with some of the oldies but goodies in pillow form!!

I'll share some of the sweet kiddos with you in another post at another time!
My very favorite of all the ladies is presented on a new pillow listed on ebay today at a $1.00 opening bid!!
Please click the pretty lady at the top of my blog to be zoomed over to see her and perhaps you would like her to go home to you :-)
Thank you so much for visiting me today!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Yippee Yahoo It's Teacup Tuesday!

Give a big round of applause for MARTHA and TERRI for hosting another TEACUP TUESDAY! Be sure to take a peek at all the other ladies sharing their terrific teacups selections!
My little Steiff teddy bears have set up for tea and one even brought along her own itty bitty cup :-)

I've had this child's teaset for a couple years and think its the sweetest! I do believe that because of the quality and daintiness of the porcelain and design that it is vintage.

The teacups are a mere 2-1/4" high and the sweet transfer bouquets are framed in a wreath of gold stamping and the swirling background designs on each piece are hand done!
The makers mark is a solid green circle with crown top and an "A" in the center . . . with the word PORZELLAN below.

Aren't they cute! I have 6 tea cups, 12 saucers, a creamer and covered sugar. Perhaps someday I will find 6 more cups :-)
Thank you for visiting . . . be sure to see my previous post about my giveaway!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

I thought I would share with you one of my favorite family photos
showing 4 generations of Moms!
Well, technically I am only a Mom to 4-legged furbabies but that counts :-)
So not in photographic order the pic shows me, my mom, my moms mom,
and my moms moms mom!
My brother Bobby is there also but you can't see him ~
he was born a couple months later :-)

A mother's love is like a circle.
It has no beginning and no ending.
It keeps going around and around ever expanding,
touching everyone who comes in contact with it.
Engulfing them like the morning's mist
warming them like the noontime sun
and covering them like a blanket of evening stars.
A mother's love is like a circle.
It has no beginning and no ending.

Wishing you all a Blessed Day


Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's a Cottage Charm Giveaway!

I am so happy to have such wonderful ladies following my new blog and as a great big
THANK YOU I am participating in my very first COTTAGE CHARM GIVE-AWAY!!!
You may already know how much I LOVE to make embellished bottles and I created this one just for you! To be eligible to win her all you need to do is add your name to my list of FOLLOWERS along the right side of the BLOG and you are entered! If you are already on the list then you are all set. All names go in the hat and the winner will be chosen and announced on May 29th.
So on to the GIVE-AWAY :-)

The vintage image label features one of my favorite Maud Humphrey Victorian girlies with her sweet little smile and hat covered in pink cabbage roses. Including the removable topper the bottle measures 6" high and is embellished with the prettiest pink roses, millinery posies, vintage laces and ribbons, a silvertone heart charm and dazzling rhinestone and pearl sparklie! The bottle is empty but looks so sweet filled with little buttons, pearls, bath salts, etc on your dresser, vanity table or a shabby cottage shelf mixed in with your other lovely collectibles.
I hope this is something you'd like to have and I look forward to meeting you!!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WHITE WEDNESDAY ~ Bridal Veil Spiraea & other White Blooms

A big THANK YOU goes to Kathleen of ~ FADEDCHARM ~ for hosting weekly
I love spring blooming bushes and have added many to our landscape since moving here 15 years ago! First to arrive is the pussywillows with their fuzzy stems of "flowers", then forsythia, flowering plum, Eastern Redbud, Serviceberry (yummy berries soon if I can get some before the birds do!), Rhododendrons, pink Viburnum, and antique lilacs running the border of our property . . . BooHoo, they are just now fading :-(

I still have Korean Spice Viburnum (YUMMY scent), Flowering Quince and later spring blooming Miss Kim Lilacs to look forward to!
Two days ago the White Bridal Veil Spiraea burst in bloom!! It is quite a dull bush except for the 1-1/2 week of abundant sprawling white mini bouquets. Some people prune them into tidy shapes but I like mine wild with their long long arching stems. The "nekked" bush to the left is a forsythia which put on a grand show last month.

Now this photo is WHITE! And could quite possibly have been taken on a Wednesday :-) Dave says hi! It shows my natural wildflower shade garden across the driveway out the kitchen window during winter. When we moved in this area was nothing but a mud pit. Its now a secret hidden hide-a-way during the growing season.

Another favorite white bloomer is called Sweet Woodruff which I planted years ago and it has spread nicely and grows as a wild groundcover ~ the smell is just heavenly. I love that it blooms the same time as the pink Bleeding Heart! The above photo shows the back wall of the secret shade garden with a comfy swing

The frog prince lives there also ~ among hosta and white shasta daisies.

Thank you for visiting and I'll share more pics of my Garden of Weed-en with you soon!

P.S Be sure to sign on as a Friendly Follower to be eligible for my
GIVE-A-WAY announcing friday!