Friday, April 30, 2010

Spin the Bottle & A GiveAway Coming Soon!

Happy Saturday to anyone reading my blog today! Please check in again SOON as
I'll be announcing my very first Blog
And all you have to do is add your name to my list of FRIENDLY FOLLOWERS to
get a chance to win something
Very VERY Sweet!

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On another subject ~ my current passion is creating pretty embellished bottles!
The pic below shows some that are awaiting their photos to be taken :-)

I offered some last year and they are now happily living in some of my favorite
ebay ladies gorgeous homes!!
The pretty labels are created from my collection of vintage images and graphics and
then made extra special with vintage and new millinery flowers, rhinestones, lockets,
charms, keys, lace and ribbons! They look terrific sparkling in the sunshine!
Speaking of sunshine, our warm sunny day has quickly turned dark and gloomy
with gusty winds AND I just heard on the radio that we have . . .
GULP . . . tornado warnings! It's time to gather up the lanterns and get the safe room in
the basement ready if the need arises!
Thank you for visiting me today and I wish you a wonderful weekend!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Pretty Chintz for TEACUP TUESDAY

Welcome to TEACUP TUESDAY and please give a big round of applause for MARTHA and TERRI for hosting it! Be sure to take a peek at all the other terrific teacups shared!
My selection this week is a charming vintage Chintz pattern made in England by James Kent LTD and called ROSALYNDS.
I found this set of 4 orphan teacups in a local thrift shop about 10 years ago and hope to run into the saucers one day :-) The transfer pattern is the sweetest with pink and yellow cabbage roses and blue forget me nots with the perfect touch of age crazing.

The only other Chintz in my collection of china are 2 lonely saucers . . . perhaps I'll find their cups when I find the Rosalynds saucers :-))
The pattern on the left is called JUNE and I think the one on the right is ROSINA

Thank you for your visit and I'm off now to see the pretties you've selected to share this week!!


Paul de Longpre PINK ROSES for you

Monday Greetings!
Our weekend of thunderboomers and showers have cleared and made it a perfect day to easily pluck up those pesky garden weeds from the moist soil . . . if I was so inclined to do so that is :-)
With anticipation of my summer rose blooms I thought you would enjoy this gorgeous rose image to do with as you please! (click image to copy and paste) One of my very favorite artists is Paul de Longpre who was a genius at capturing flowers with the paintbrush as you can see in this 1898 painting of pink roses . . . notice the bumblebee also!

Here's wishing you a happy monday hopefully filled with
sunshine and roses!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It is time again for TEACUP TUESDAY and thank you to Martha and Terri for
hosting the teaparty!
I love the sweet cottagey charm of vintage 1930-40's Homer Laughlin China and I am
again this week sharing another of their patterns. This one is called GEORGIAN . . . it came
in soft pastels and this is the pink. Very simple in design with bands of solid pink, 24K gold
trim and floral transfer featuring pink roses and forget-me-not flowers.

I would LOVE an entire service of this but to date only have 2 cups and 3 saucers.

How cute displayed with an embellished strawberry sachet :-)

I don't have a cup and saucer in the blue but do have the creamer and sugar!
Thank you so much for visiting me and sharing your Teacup Tuesday!!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Pretty New Things Made Just for You!

Happy Saturday to all my new blogger buddies!
I have been a busy bee working on so many projects and thought you just might like
a peek at what I've been up to!
It's been a couple months since I've offered a fancy schmancy embellished bottle
and I have 6 new ones made to list!
I found some really neat heart shaped glass bottles to work with and for the
seen below I created a pink rose wreath label featuring my favorite Southern Belle image
in the center . . . if you've ever been to my auctions you have surely seen
LOTS of her - hehe
This one will be on eBay Sunday and just may be my fav - - - if I was FORCED to choose
that is :-) I hope its a keeper for someone!

Also new is another PinCushion Confection (#172) and features
She is a sweet fuzzy wuzzy teddy who would love to share a cup of tea with you!
Be sure to see my eBay auctions Sunday and perhaps
she will come to your home!

Wishing everyone a SPLENDID SATURDAY filled with things you love to do!

"What a splendid day! I pity people who aren't yet born for
missing it.
They may have good days, of course, BUT they will never have
THIS one."

-- Anne Shirley


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A big THANK YOU goes to Kathleen of ~ FADEDCHARM ~ for hosting weekly
This is my very first offering and I hope you enjoy it :-)
While looking around for something to showcase I realized that I have way more white
things than I ever realized and will be set for weeks to come :-)
Today I round up some of my collection of vintage 40's white planters with critter
shapings. I rarely use them for houseplants but they are rather filled with buttons,
lace, photos, postcards, etc.

There are chirping birdies, a pair of chickies, rabbits, lambs . . . and a couple of shabby
white chalkware frames. The little vintage white crochet heart pincushion has minty
green satin ribbons woven thru and looks right at home with the shabby
sweet cheepers :-)

Back to back bunnies . . .

Swans in all sizes and shapes are a classic 40's favorite . . .

I find these planters so appealing with their simple monotone cottage charm and
imagine they cared for many an ivy plant in their lifetime! And a chip
or 2 doesn't bother me a bit :-)


Monday, April 12, 2010

It's TEACUP TUESDAY ~ Yippeeeeee!

It is once again time to thank Martha and Terri for hosting
Be sure to check out all the members to see their terrific teacups!
I found this set of 7 teacups, saucers and dessert plates about 6 years ago and fell
in love with the handpainted pink roses and soft mint green shade on the delicate
translucent porcelain. There are no makers marks and I'm sure it is a dessert set
painted by a talented "Sunday painter". It was a popular hobby in days of old to purchase blank sets and hand paint them yourself . . .
on a restful Sunday after a week of hard chores!

Some of the pieces have the artists initials added as you can see the "WRC" in the close-ups. I love the sweetness of the dainty painting and especially the pale minty green! I collect Jadite and it goes so nicely with the Fire-King shade.

I hope you enjoy seeing this pretty set!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's my first TEACUP TUESDAY!

Thank you to Martha and Terri for hosting TEACUP TUESDAY! Of course I DO enjoy Tuesdays . . . and LOVE Teacups so what a perfect combination!
My featured teacup is an Eggshell Nautilus PRISCILLA pattern by the Homer Laughlin China Company. I inherited a small collection from my Grandma Lena about 40 years ago and it brings back fond memories of staying over at her house with my 1 year younger brother Bob!
Over the years I've completed a service for 12 with all the side pieces including a teapot, coffee pot, water pitcher, gravy boat, creamer, sugar etc.

The creamy highly glazed porcelain has gold rims and small sprays of flowers and the larger pieces have bigger bouquets! The teacup bottoms have the HOUSEHOLD INSTITUTE Priscilla mark in 24k gold and the saucer has Eggshell Nautilus USA with a shell motif and Homer Laughlin HL marking in green.
This pattern was manufactured from the 1930's - 50's and I think its the sweetest!