Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The Fall Autumn season doesn't officially launch til September 22nd but it has already started to cool down a bit here in the midwest and what a relief it is! 2010 was a record setting summer for hot & humid temps all across the USA and I for one am SOooooo ready for the crisp cool days of fall ~ I'm definitely NOT a summer lovin' gal! I love the colors of the season, the smell of fresh garden Mums, burning leaves and my yummy Pumpkin Spice scented Yankee Candle :-) Not to mention it gets me in the mood to get out some of my favorite vintage images and make Thanksgiving and Halloween pillows to decorate my home . . . and some for you too!!

The above photo montage shows some of my favs I listed on ebay last year and if you click HERE it will take you to the first of this years offerings. I hope you like the look!
Thank you so much for your visit today!!

Hugs and Smiles,


  1. I really like those! I guess it won't be long until Halloween is here will it. Take care, Connie

  2. Gorgeous pillows my friend! I love the smell of all the things you mentioned. I don't think I'll be feeling the mood for any of that soon since it is going to be 101 tomorrow! :( The grocery store shelves were filled with Halloween candy today. Seems a bit early for that when it's still so hot.

    Big Hugs,

  3. Your new fall pillows are lovely Lynn! Take care..


  4. I love Yankee's Pumpkin Spice candles, too, Lynn. Another really beautiful one I found is Village's Orange Cinnamon. Wowsers. It sends fragrance through the whole house and our house is big! Check out their website! Take care. Susan

  5. Ah.. Autumn for you and Spring for us Down Under! In Australia the seasons always start on the first of the month, not at the equinox or solstice... So Spring started on Wed, the first of September, although weather-wise a few days earlier. I am still enjoying my Summer pink pillows and can appreciate the beauty of the rich colours of fall, but not indoors for me.

  6. they are adorable! so glad to see fall things-my favorite.

  7. Hi Lynn,

    Your pillows are so adorable! I love all things pink, white, and cream too. How do you incorporate them into your decor? When I put that stuff around it just doesn't look right, but I love it!!


  8. Lynn they all are simply fab! I so love your pillows no matter what theme they are in. But I love everything you do!

    Hugs Debi :)

  9. I have seen these images on little stickers how have you got them large enough for pillows they look super!

    love Dawn xx

  10. Hello Lynn, Love your beautiful fall pillows. You make the prettiest things!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  11. What absolutely stunning halloween pillows. I love these they are beautiful. you are so talented
    hugs June xxxxx

  12. Lynn, I came over from Debs, what a beautiful blog, I am your newest follower!