Monday, April 26, 2010

Paul de Longpre PINK ROSES for you

Monday Greetings!
Our weekend of thunderboomers and showers have cleared and made it a perfect day to easily pluck up those pesky garden weeds from the moist soil . . . if I was so inclined to do so that is :-)
With anticipation of my summer rose blooms I thought you would enjoy this gorgeous rose image to do with as you please! (click image to copy and paste) One of my very favorite artists is Paul de Longpre who was a genius at capturing flowers with the paintbrush as you can see in this 1898 painting of pink roses . . . notice the bumblebee also!

Here's wishing you a happy monday hopefully filled with
sunshine and roses!



  1. gorgeous! Beautiful painting and artist! we are on the same magical wavelength today! I love the litle bumblebee too..! I am a rose-kindred..and cannot wait for a summer FULL of roses!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful treasure of art!

  2. Hi Lynn...Beautiful art work and I love the bee! Thanks so much for sharing. Sincerely, Susan