Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hello and how are you!!
I'd like to take a moment to wish you all a Happy Fathers Day weekend and hope you are blessed to still have your Daddy in your life!!
This first pic shows me, Dad and my brother Bobby back in the "good ole days"! 

We used to go on family camping/fishing trips and I always loved this photo of Dad and me on a chilly windy day in the boonies of upstate Wisconsin.

My Dad has been gone 33 years now and I still miss him and will always be Daddy's Little Girl!
Thank you for visiting today!!


  1. Hi Lynn~
    What beautiful memories you have of you dear dad.....
    Love the beautiful pictures of you and your dad ;) toooo cute....
    Enjoy fathers day sweet friend ;)


  2. Adorable pictures. I miss m Dad so much on Fathers Day.

  3. Aren't you thrilled to have the photos to remember those happy times. I was 9 when my dad died....I have a few pics though...
    Your pillows are wonderful...I just love pillows!!
    Have a great week and thanks for coming by!!

  4. Such a sweet picture of you and your daddy! Love it! Your pillows are such beauties!

  5. What sweet pictures of you, your dad, and your brother. So nice that you have so many wonderful memories to cherish forever. Thank you for sharing:-)

  6. Very sweet pictures of you and your Dad! My Dad has been gone for 15 years...
    Love the pillows!

  7. Hi Lynn,
    My daddy has been gone 22 years now and still feel like it was yesterday. I just posted his picture and my hubby also, he is having a birthday this weekend. I was very late posting this week's Pink Saturday, been working in my patio, pictures also posted. We are having a nice quiet lunch out there. Darling pics of you and your brother with your beloved dad. I'm an only child so for sure was daddy's little girl. Hugs...Lu

  8. Wow, Lynn. That was a sweet photo in the Wisconsin woods. Loved it. We are so lucky to have good memories of our Dads. Not everyone does. Hope you are having a delightful day. Susan

  9. Hello Sweet Lynn,
    I was a "Daddy's girl", too. He's been gone three years this past February, but in spirit he is right beside me!
    I am happy to see that you are bogging again.
    Love and hugs, Laura

  10. Hi Lyn, thanks so much for visiting my blog and following. I tried to follow yours too but it just comes up blank :(
    I think your blog is very beautiful and I shall visit again. What a beautiful picture of you and your dad, thats so precious
    hugs June x

  11. Hi Lynn, I have became a follower of your site. I love all the beautiful things you make. I need to order some of your beautiful pillows, and I want some of your little stockings, Hugs Nola

  12. I have put your link on my facebook also.

  13. I want to win that addorable sachet. It is beautiful.

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