Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~ ~ ~ Vintage Baby Shoes ~ ~ ~ for White Wednesday

Hello and Welcome to my blog today!
I am joining in for WHITE WEDNESDAY this week which is hosted by Kathleen at FADED CHARM ! Be sure to stop by and see all the yummy shades of white pretties shared by loads of white loving bloggers!

I have collected VINTAGE BABY SHOES for quite some time and as you can see they are quite addicting :-)

My favorite ones have the cute "punched" hole designs in the toes :-)

I also collect antique teddy bears and the big ones love to wear baby shoes on their huge feet!

Wrinkles and creases and many coats of polish . . .
Knots in laces and jingle bells too!
If you have been blessed with children of your own I hope this was a trip down memory lane today!

Hugs and Smiles,
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  1. Love the little shoe collection. What a fun thing to collect.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. I love little vintage baby shoes!! They are getting really hard to find here in Texas because I think everyone else does too :)
    Yours are just precious!!


  3. Hi Lynn... first time I've visited your blog, but I've purchased from you on Ebay a number of times... so glad to have found you here!

    Love the baby shoe collection... my shoe collection - ballet - pink not white... there's something really precious about a pair of shoes... white or pink... that a little one has worn!

  4. I can't imagine anyone not liking baby shoes - as Katie said, everyone must be collecting them. I saved my children's first pair of booties but sadly I don't have their first little leather shoes. I make pin cushions from the ones I have collected and a few with vintage paper and silk flowers. Now I need to come up with another way to use them because my collection is getting too big!! Brenda

  5. Hi dear one :)
    I so love your sweet collection of baby shoes :)
    I have saved quit a couple from my kids :) my oldest son has a pair, I gifted to him on his 21st birthday :)
    Thanks for sharing your collection with us all :)


  6. What is it that is so endearing about baby shoes? I seem to have the same affliction you do. You have a wonderful collection. Thanks for sharing!
    Best, Karen

  7. Oh I'm loving your baby shoe collection!

  8. I so love your collection of baby shoes. I am not sure if there is nothing so darling as these.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. So, So, sweet,

  10. Hi,Lynn!! Your baby shoes are fantastic!!And I love your Teddy bear:soooo sweet!! ^_^ Debby

  11. What a sweet collection, those little shoes are so adorable.

  12. Oh. Lynn I did not know collecting vintage baby shoes was another one of your passions. I also like the "punched hole" decorations. Your Teddy Collection are real Glam Girls, all dolled up. The sweet shoes on their footsies just me smile!!

    Praying that things are well at my favorite "Prairie Home"

    Carol from
    Good 'Ol Texas

  13. Hi Lynn,
    Thought I would come by and say "Hi"
    I love all the pictures of the baby shoes...So sweet knowing all the chubby baby toes that used to fill them....I wished I had saved my childrens as they would have been wonderful little gifts to them when they were older!

    I am sorry about your Maxxi! After loosing our Bassett several years ago, we just have not been able to get another.
    Sweet Regards,

  14. Hello dear Lynn!

    I love baby shoes, and your have a wonderful collection! So sorry to hear about your little Maxxi. We had lost a few of our bunnies, and we were heartbroken too.


  15. Hello Lynn, Love your collection of baby shoes, so sweet! I'd love to enter your drawing. So sorry about Maxxi, our Molly the Newf is not doing well, it's so hard to go through this. You know since your an animal lover like myself. Were just heartbroken about her. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I stopped by to see you last night and my putter battery died so I could not post comment.
    Hugs, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  16. These look jsut like the ones I ahd when a baby!
    I am going to do a giveway next month and was wonderign if you wanted to be give soemthign for it and i would write a psot about it. Answer me on my blog.

  17. Aawww! such sweet baby shoes! Love that you put them on the teddy bears!! Precious. Since I love vintage baby shoes, I like to put them in pretty vases along with baby photos for a baby memory jar. (found your blog on Pinterest) Hugs, Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures!)

  18. Thank you for stopping by and commenting Catherine! I couldnt find an email to respond other than leave a message here :-)
    They are a sweet addiction arent they!!
    Happy baby shoe hunting !!

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