Saturday, February 5, 2011

Giveaway Winner and Lotsa Lotsa Snow!

Greetings from Snowyville USA!
Have I mentioned before that I love snow . . . you know I have :-) And it's a good thing I do because here in the Chicago suburbs we got 20 inches in 24 hours! Not quite beating the 1967 record of 24 inches but close enough. This was a true whiteout blizzard - Snowmadegon! There was blustery winds and even thunder and lightning. Don't think I've ever experience that before!

It was still snowing wednesday morning while Dave and our trusty snowblower did a mighty fine job of keeping it under control.

Just a little snow tuesday afternoon and you can see my garden cranes just have cold footsies for now. And yes that is just a vintage cottage door leading to nowhere on the side of the garage :-)

Wednesday morning . . . . Yikes HELP US!!

Would you like to come on over for a cup of tea on the deck? BYOS ~ bring your own shovel

This door opens to a fenced in doggie area on the south side of our property and you can see that there is no going out there for Maxxie anytime soon HA!! I have to give kudos to our little village who had the snowplows out in full force and did our street every couple hours! So except for one day of craziness ~ all is pretty much back to "normal" for winter in the midwest!

And now onto the winner of my EMBELLISHED HEART BOTTLE GIVEAWAY! This time I used a random number generator and thought I could just copy and paste the "box" but it didn't turn out quite that way as you can see below. So I took a pic of my computer screen showing that the winning number picked was #91! And counting in order of comments that number belongs to . . .

Sherry of Country Wings in Phoenix!Congratulations Sherry!
Please drop me an email with your mailing info and I'll send your pretty bottle on the way home. Great BIG thank you's so all who entered and left such wonderful comments! I haven't made the rounds to everyone yet but I will!! And I have another giveaway coming very soon so please stop by again to see.
Til next time stay safe and keep warm and cozy





  2. Oh, that lucky sis of mine! Maybe she'll share ... chuckle.
    G'eve Lynn ~
    I am SOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS of all that gorgeous snow ... would you please share a wee bit?

    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winner! I know she'll enjoy her gorgeous bottle as much as I enjoy mine:) That's a lot of snow, I feel like the only person in blogworld who hasn't been snowed in lately! Stay warm!!!

  4. Oh My Gosh Lynn Sweetie...
    I am SO over the top thrilled. I love this little bottle of LOVE. How beautiful it truly is. It screamed "LOVE" from the minute that you shared it on this blog.

    Snow, snow, snow go away. Lynn wants to get and try to play. I hate the snow. That was one of the reasons that we moved to Phoenix, to get out of the cold. The last 3 nights here in Phoenix we have dropped down in the 20s and during they day not above 50. I want my heat back. They keep saying that it is going to warm up tomorrow. We shall see.

    I will email you my addie Lynn and again, thank you from the bottom of my little Country Wing Heart. I just tickled PINK.

    Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  5. OH MY GOSH, Lynn, you guys got more snow than us, I think. Holy smokers. Your patio set is almost all covered up. No picnic tomorrow. Ha! Take care and oh my gosh, I HOPE you guys don't get more snow. Susan

  6. I can sure can relate to all of your SNOW!!!I think it's a record setting snowfall here in MN!
    Like your door to no where!
    Congrat's to the winner!

  7. Hi Lynn, just wanted to drop by to say hi to a fellow sister from bloggerette sisterhood - yes, I am still working my way through the list of blogs! Living in the woods of New Hampshire I can identify with all the snow. I think we have about 4.5 feet at this point with a nice coating of ice to top it all off! Gotta love winter LOL :D
    Hope you get a chance, once you finish snow blowing, to stop over to my blog too.
    Hugs from a sister,
    Beth P
    P.S. Congratulations to the lucky winner

  8. Oh Lynn, what a beautiful read & your snow pictures are pretty as well. Having grown up and lived in the Northlands of Minnesota, I can honestly say I miss the white stuff.

    Sherry is just going to LOVE her precious bottle..I mentioned I am keeping my Christmas-Santa bottle out ALL year long. I so enjoy looking at it :)

    Carol from
    Good 'OL Texas

  9. Dear Lynn,
    You received more snow than my town but my in laws received 21 inches in their part of Oklahoma. The wind today is blustery frigid...frigid...brrrrr and we are suppose to receive 6-8 inches, maybe more of snow over the next 24 hours.
    Congratulations To Country Wings for winning your stunning bottle...She is blessed.
    Stop by and see me when you get a chance between snow breaks
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  10. Love the pics. However I am not a super big fan of snow...a little is ok.... congratulations Sherry on is a beautiful bottle.

  11. Congratulations! This sweet lady could not have been a more deserving winner.

  12. CONGRATS on being the featured artist for Victoria Rose Cottage in the February issue of Romantic Homes magazine. That is HUGE!!
    I just love your Shoppe there @ VRC and need to pick up a few things for my special relatives when I go back to Minnesota in July.
    Well, I will have to sell more pencils on the corner first..

    Take care sweet friend

    Carol from
    Good 'Ol Texas

  13. Hey Sweet friend~Just dropping by to wish you a very happy and beautiful Valentines Day :)
    Thank you soooo much for making my sweet pin cushion!!


  14. Vaya tremenda nevada!!!! que frio tiene que hacer!! Aqui en canarias no nieva, me gustaria aunque solo fuera un poquito, pero no!!
    Felicidades a la ganadora, que suerte!!
    Gracias por realizar el sorteo.

  15. That's a lot of snow! Hubby and I lived in the Chicago area for 26 years...saw the big storms in the late 70s! We don't miss the snow and the cold since we moved to the Philly area. Although we had some Chicago type snows this winter along with colder weather - our neighbors teased us about bringing the snow with us from Chicago - even though we have been here 11 years.